Arghhh!!! My head is really cracking right now && I'm so damn confused. Which college should I go? Which one of these are the BEST?! B.E.S.T!!!

The last time I went to American Exhibition Education was last February at Hilton KL. And I'm going again this Wednesday (Sept 16/09) at Le Meridien. Basically I'm going to get more information from SCAD. Yeah, I never thought they'll come again. Anyways, SCAD was my first decision if you would had read my old post. But unfortunately, the money is always involved here. Where the hell am I gonna get RM300K?!! Beg? Oh common, that's just being a fool.

Dear SCAD, I'm gonna meet you one day . . .

RM300K for 4 years degree in Digital Animation. That's really a BOMB! I should have saved my pocket money when I was younger and not wasting time splurging around. At least that would a make a lil sense here. Would it? I'm not sure. . .

Probably "Twinning" was the best suggestion. It will save a lot rather than going straight to SCAD without a cent. That would be like doing 2 years diploma in TOA and 3 years degree at SCAD. Ooops. . . sorry, it's 3 years diploma at TOA and 2 years at SCAD. And by the way, those of you who are a newbie in my blog and probably don't really know what I'm blurting about, TOA stands for "The One Academy" && SCAD stands for "Savannah College of Arts & Design". Now got it?

I just wished I was here now. Course started already. . .

After talking to one of the counselor from TOA, Mr. Billy Khoo, I thought I was going go for this college && Mummy Su will be happy about it. But then again, it's a BOMB!. Where do I get that large sum of money although it's cheaper than SCAD? Obviously is not a bomb if I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Those kind of people can afford but not me. And perhaps I'm too late for the "Scholarship" thingy. =[ "MaMa! Save me...!!!"

And now here comes a SURPRISE!!! Not for you. But it's neither for me too. It doesn't seems any surprising to me when someone told me that the government are giving a free course for 3 months. And furthermore you'll be paid. Heard that? I WILL BE PAID! And I just wanna thank God for this opportunity I'm gonna have. This 3 months course is at "GO Academy". Never heard of this before, not popular at all but I think I better not miss the chance.

Yep! And this was the "GO Academy I was talking about". . .

So I waited for an email from the PIC to give me the details about the college and when will it be commencing. They call me up and said somewhere in August. But then they said it'll be commencing somewhere in September. And now I'm still waiting. Waiting for the email.

Raffles International College KL sounds kinda cool

While waiting for umpteen years (it looks as though the time is flying), suddenly I got a call from my Senior Pastor. He recommended me to try to look up on "Raffles International KL" at Jalan Ampang. Well, it's obviously not free. I'm not like pushing away what people recommend me and said that this college is good. All I'm trying to do is just listen. Sometimes, we, youth are not better than our parents. We may be smarter than them in computer games, Facebook/Twitter or the modern device. Their advice must be taken and you're a fool if you don't listen. Ever heard of this, "Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs"? Well if you never heard of it, you just did. They are more experience than us.

So, currently I'm still waiting for the response from the people I deal with and I'll let you know if I am in college. This whole thing really sounds complicated isn't it? Haha, drop your comments && have your say =]

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  1. samuel..i suggest u that u go 2 college which the fees is cheap rather than u wait and wait for the free course which is sponsored by the government,nw u r wasting ur time. either u borrow loan frm the bank or u use ur OWN money to study in a college..for u is that i duno a lot of things ..but u take this as a advice..for ur future..

  2. Never mind. I've found a better college edy at Jalan Ampang. Raffles International College KL and I'm asking for financial aid from Singapore.

  3. samuel..u nid t0 n0e..Raffles college is a best c0llege..but de c0llege very expensive..last time i jst w0rk 0p0site de c0llege..all 0f de student is fr0m highper rich family..y dun u get a kn0wledge fr0m a cheapest c0llege 1st?same as my c0usin de same i als0 nt fr0m de rich family..jst get level v g0nna get 1st after tat 0nly g0 f0r de 0ther lvl..erm..jst a suggestion.. n say wat i get fr0m thr 0nly..^^ cheer up!!

  4. Actually, I've already emailed the founder of Raffles. Not exactly the founder but he came out with a foundation now known as "Chew Hua Seng Foundation". Raffles is actually from Singapore && the founder is Chew Hua Seng. According to, he's the 12th richest man in Asia. With his money, he donate it to charity && support some organization. So basically I'm waiting for them. It's just so hard and complicated...